There is a great deal of software in the world today, ever evolving and expanding.

What makes software ‘the best’ includes criteria that varies from user to user, such as from ease of use to comprehensive functionality, from simple interface to a sophisticated API.

There is more often than not a bias towards software, myself included, because of familiarity. The software you have invested a great deal of time learning and become capible with becomes your prefured software regardless of what else is aviable.

With this in mind the Software listed here, I use, from very occasionally to quite regularly, so my knowledge and capability on this software varies by the about the same amount.

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By Applications, I mean software that has direct user input.

As such, (nearly)all Graphic User Interface (GUI) Software in this WEB section, I consider applications.

The Applications listed here, generly fullfill the following critera.

  • Will run on Linux (Debian/Ubuntu in particular)

  • Is (mostly) Free and open-source software (FOSS)


Operating Systems